Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dog Beach

It used to be that Dog Beach at Vernon and Waddell was the place to bring a dog. So, lacking a motorcycle I brought my gray Nissan Maxima instead. It really isn't the same so the sooner the Bonneville gets back the better.
I don't know who or why this handkerchief of beach was designated for dogs, but it was and it still is:And when I say "handkerchief" that's exactly what I mean:The sand is quite decent, and the palm trees make for a shady spot to hang out in, so, despite the size or lack of it, Dog Beach isn't an awful spot to hang on a hot afternoon. Especially if you are a dog:Some dogs have the misfortune to be owned by dorks, like this guy who brings his dog to the dog beach but won't let the poor thing play:So the energetic young thing gets to hang out with a listless bunch of humans:It can be a busy spot, Dog Beach, with vehicles on the street......and of course, this being Key West, wepresent the the obligatory cyclist:And a well patronised bicycle rack as well:Not forgetting the eccentrically decorated van:Out at sea the tourists were getting their rides aloft:And up the street at Vernon and South I spotted a tableau featuring a collection of touring vehicles to be seen on many Key West streets:Waddell Street by contrast was empty:Well, not quite:Waddell Street dead ends into a rather attractive little alley which is made of sand and reminds me of places typical to mainland Florida which unlike the Keys, is made of sand:But back to the point of the essay,this is a dog beach though it's not the only one these days. There is a fenced in run for dogs at Higgs Beach and across from that, between the White Street Pier and the West Martello tower (home of the Garden Club) dogs are allowed to run on the beach. Water access is a bit awkward as there is a seawall there but the beach area is open to dogs, on that county operated beach.And once the dog is walked my wife says the tapas at Louie's Backyard right next door are excellent.Prices at Louie's make my nose bleed but she says sunsets there are excellent.I doubt the dogs would care much one way or the other.