Friday, May 9, 2014

Dog Beach

There is a beach dedicated to dogs in Key West. It's neither vast nor spacious. Here it is in it's entirety:

Cheyenne is the world's only Labrador that hates to swim, a product no doubt of life with her previous, grievously messed up family. That would be the asses who gave her up to the pound. My best efforts to teach her the joy of swimming haven't worked.

So why bring her here? I don't as there are plenty of other places where we can go together. The beach east of the Higgs Beach Martello Tower is open for dogs, which is convenient as its across the street from the actual dog park. Access to the water is limited by a cement sea wall, so Dog Beach is good for dogs that play in the water.

Like so much of Key West the very expensive sits right next to the very least among us...on the other hand this contemplative dude was not planning anything as strenuous as a day at work, so even though he isn't welcome at Louie's Backyard for a sunset cocktail priced close to the national debt of a small third world country, he isn't trying to earn the price of admission either.

Vernon and Waddell Streets intersect here and in winter parking is not so great.

Cheyenne feels about Louie's pretty mug asi do. I've been a couple of times. And the staff worked hard to make sure I didn't feel welcome. So I'd rather go elsewhere for sunset drinks. A friend bought me dinner there once as a thank you for a favor. He went a bit green when he got the bill.

I read complaints about trash littering the street in front of this landmark, it's the sort of neighborliness one comes to expect in a small town when you're doing well. I don't spend money at Louie's but I dont begrudge other people that do. Hold your friends tight and take care of your trash. I couldn't see anything to bitch about, but that doesn't stop people.

Dog Beach reminded me of the time I took an acquaintance to Simonton Beach after she had read about it. We got out of the car and she looked one way then the other and asked "Is this all?" Well yes, and all her fantasies of walking a long sunset strand with her husband vaporized. The charm of Key West is also its size, which does sometimes work against it.