Monday, June 26, 2017

Fire Station 2

The new fire station on Simonton Street remains a thing of wonder to me, and there it sits after three years, doing its job after so much controversy to get it built.
The parking lot has remained much as it was except tidier and there is no panhandling zone, a sort of free speech place for residentially challenged people to hang out. But the news paper comment encapsulated the fury of some people at the tought of a new fire station where City Hall used to be:
City Hall was wrecked by Hurricane Wilma, not by flooding but by leaking roofs that rendered the building unfit due to mold. It had to go but the invective rained down.
I miss the shady parking alongside the city hall building seen above but the new fire station is nicely done and give a dog a place a to rest in the shade... well as a place for studious street people to pass the time. They get moved along at night but during the day this is a public space. Patience among the agreeably housed is running out though. They paid millions for their Conch Cottages and they didn't fork that lot over tos hare their retriement space with the brazenly poor. 
Rusty will hare his space with anyone no matter their wealth or status, gender, sexual identity, color race or creed as long as they are kind. Little wonder dogs appeal to me. Besides all that they never call 911, they deal with their own problems. Which come to think, may not always be ideal.
The hotel across the street was the source of much of the lamentation when plans were published but there seems to be a truce. The trouble with living in Old Town,never mind running a business is that buildings are very close together, and any minor change can have a huge impact. I wish changes could be made a little more gradually and with a lot more discussion because it's obviously easy for panic to set in among such tightly woven spaces. 
Not everything about the place is in the best possible taste, it has to be said.
Fire prevention is taken seriously in a town built of seasoned wood with structures standing cheek by jowl.
A properly housed fire department is an effective fire department.