Thursday, December 14, 2017

Beach Postcards

It was a morning to click the shutter so I did. 
 Turkey vultures at rest:
 In flight:
 Next to the old Bahia Honda Bridge:
 A schooner at anchor:

Fishermen. Usually they come from the mainland with camping gear and spend a damp night eyeing their bait. Not my idea of fun especially in the wrecked state of the area under the bridge, also said to be dangerous since Hurricane Irma tore the place up.

 The Bahia Honda State Park end of the bridge. I am steeling myself to visit Bahia Honda now it's re-re-opened. I can't imagine it will look very verdant. 

 I have no knowledge of butterflies but I did see this one and practiced some macro photography on it.  Either it was dead or it didn't mind.