Friday, December 23, 2016

A Night Out

This chain restaurant has been surviving on the seven hundred block of Duval and that had me surprised so we went for dinner last week. It was actually pretty good.
They have downstairs seating but we went upstairs and sat inside though they do have outside seating. My wife suggested next time we might like to overlook the street for people watching. Worth the wait for an open table.
We were going to a play and thus had a bit of a deadline. We shared a plate of mussels which came oddly enough sprinkled  with parmesan. That was a first: shell fish and cheese. Not bad.
 We then shared a plate of hogfish which was excellent. 
 The interior is busy.
 Service was good and we enjiyed the food.
 We will be back.
We stopped for cookies for dessert up Duval Street. They were actually pretty good even though they supposedly weigh half a pound and were far too big. We took them home and finished them with a glass of wine.
 The giant Mattheessen's cookies came with us to a performance of "It's Only A Play" at the Waterfront Playhouse. Great fun and a fine way to spend two hours.
A walk back down Duval to the car watching the street performers and artists...
 And noting that Mr Cheapee's On caroline Street has shut its doors forever. Another long time place  gone.
All change in Key West, always.