Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I have found to my amazement that 75 people have joined this website as Friends. I am not completely certain what that means nor how it's done (don't bother trying to explain Jeffrey, computers and I are barely on speaking terms), but it seems like a large number of people who want to see pictures of the Keys. I have tried reading the profiles and connections and to say they are eclectic is a major understatement. I never knew there were so many knitting blogs and craft blogs out there. Nor that pictures of Key West streets and a Labrador sniffing seaweed fit into them, but apparently so.

I started this blog in Summer 2007 to find something to encourage me to get out and wander by Bonneville, and recording the changing Keys seemed like a good idea. The blog thing came about because this remote, electronic way of storing the images is easy, cheap ($20 a year) and easily accessible. In the bad old days of print photography I took pictures with no idea how they would come out and spent a fortune processing variations on a theme of which only a few were worth keeping. Then with the advent of automated, drug store processing my pictures came back over exposed, under exposed badly cut and generally degraded. Living on a boat I never had room (nor the inclination) to devote a piece of my space to a dark room though I was best friends with a kid in school who taught me photo development years ago.

Blogspot, for all it's technical imperfections and occasional failures is a great place to store pictures of daily living and my sometimes acerbic commentary on the nature of the human condition and our apparently endless ability to fuck it all up. I invite readers who want me to photograph something to drop me a line at conchscooter@hotmail.com and I will do my best. Native Mom wants an essay on signs so I will see what I can do. I am really terrible at themes not least because most of these essays are generated on an impulse because I always have the camera in my pocket. For instance I have been meaning to go to Mel Fisher's Museum a place I really like, for years. And still...nothing!

I got a note from Special Services (HR in the Police Department) telling me I had accumulated too much leave and had to use it or lose it, so here we go. I have planned two vacations this summer, ten days in June to go to North Carolina to visit the sister-in-law in Asheville and then Outer Banks for a few days as we have never seen those islands. Then after a week back at work Layne and Cheyenne and I are taking off on the Poof Tour 2010, starting the 3rd of July, a cheap camping vacation to Maine visiting gay friends (yes, they are all gay, it turns out) along the way. We were going to go to Italy burning up a credit card on expensive Italian food and lodging and souvenirs (and motorcycle rental) but this economic climate does not seem the time to make impulse purchases in Euro even if the exchange rate is 1.20 to a Dollar. Secondary plans to go West got scrapped so now I get to see New England for the first time in my life (I want to move to Vermont and join the Secessionist Movement...fat chance).

What all this means is that essays will be irregular until late July or the beginning of August depending on computer access and time and all that. I am sure this comes as a shock as for the past three years I have managed at least one essay a day, but there it is, this is a chance to check the archive and take time off from wondering how many essays you have missed if you turn your back for the blink of an eye. Five weeks off is more vacant posting time than even compulsive, anal retentive little me can manage to fill completely ahead of time. However I have organized a bunch of essays that will appear three times a week until I get back.

All these plans are subject to change of course (a hurricane threat would bring us home quickly enough, no doubt though Tim our house sitter is very reliable) which is why I dislike explaining a lot of stuff in advance on the blog but an absence of essays just means that I am too busy living to be downloading for a short while. To Cousin Lyn: I am sure Chicago will be on the cards this year as Layne and I will be ready to get out of town later when it is still hot, for a long weekend Up North. To everyone else I hope you have a pleasant summer, oil free, hurricane free and with a job and a roof over your heads.