Saturday, August 13, 2016

Niles Road, Summerland

I wanted some peace and quiet that evening at home so I figured a little run outdoors might put the little tyke down for the night. I was right.
I drove to the end of Niles Road on Summerland and parked the car in between the vehicles and boat trailers of people out hunting lobster on mini season...
 The old wooden bridge to nowhere is still standing in the channel.
 I took this picture in 2008 and you'll notice no wooden ladder on the end of the bridge:
Nowadays someone has built the structure on the end of the bridge that you see below:
Cheyenne liked this spot too, at low tide:
That ladder makes climbing up easier I suppose but I managed in the past just using the spikes hammered into the uprights. I'm tough.
I walked the bridge in 2008 and I have no idea why they ever built such a robust structure as there is no sign of habitation or even a road at the north end. I shall go back one day with Rusty and see what we can find:
It was hot, we rested in the shade.

 And so home...
I miss Cheyenne still but I am glad Rusty is in my life.