Sunday, June 22, 2014

From The Archives: 2007

This was the first picture posted in my blog which used to be called "Key West Vespa."
 In June 2007 I was riding a lovely red Vespa 250, but I soon discovered that writing about riding was too limiting.
 We had been in our house three years, and I was getting to grips with new fangled digital photography.
 And I had been in my job three years also.
 I wrote an essay Road to Pale about a weird encounter we had in our rental car on a disused railroad line through the Bosnian mountains outside Sarajevo in our Balkan odyssey that year:
 Back home I was exploring the Lower Keys by Vespa GTS.
 Which ended up dying after ten months and ten thousand miles of numerous electrical problems. 
 Hurricane Season was nowhere near as bad as 2005 but we had a few scares:
 I took to exploring the Lower Keys by boat, the Seven Mile Bridge in the background. A habit I hope to resume this summer. Same boat refreshed engine (thank you Robert).
 White Street Pier:
 My tree house in our second year of occupancy:

 Politics was on the page too:
 And Bike Week, me riding my wife's Vespa 150 which has proved as sturdy as the 250 was feeble.
 I did love the comfort of that ride. I still miss it:
 But I got a new first rate ride, the best motorcycle I have ever owned I think, still going strong with 81,000 miles on the clock.
 We explored Pigeon Key and made the trip out by train which has since been discontinued:
 It's the railroad workers camp in the middle of the Seven Mile Bridge:
 The bridge is still open to foot and bicycle traffic but the state deemed it unsafe for even the modest tourist train. Visitors now arrive by boat.
 My wife went with her friend Heather to Fort Zachary, and Heather is still smiling and still living in Key West.
 Some things don't change much. I still like to eat fish sandwiches at Keys Fisheries in Marathon:
 People still walk around excessively under dressed at fantasy Fest:
 And I think that was the last year I got to see the Grand Parade. I am usually working.
 Oops, local politics again!
 The Tree house on Ramrod Key from across the canal:
 Bridge fishing at sunset.
That was a part of 2007 when I started this daily thing.