Friday, August 3, 2018

The Week That Was

Time is slipping through my fingers and suddenly it's August. A time of mellow fruitfulness and sudden showers, as the poet might say. There's nothing mellow at the moment in the Keys as people are taking frenzied vacations here and clogging up the highway in a manner more befitting winter. However early yesterday morning Rusty and I went walking on the mound at the Old Bahia Honda Bridge, and while our backs were turned, a sudden rain storm came roaring in from the Straits of Florida and caught me totally by surprise. 
 Rusty came galloping up the slope, interrupted in his exploration and he ran ahead to get to the car. I plodded along behind him, my phone shoved in a plastic bag, luckily the dog hadn't taken his morning dump yet, and my big camera not suffering unduly as it is actually rain and dust proof as advertised. My Lumix FZ300 was an excellent used camera purchase.  I got one right for once. Anyway I found Rusty huddling under a bush next to the car looking like he was back living the life of a stray.  He likes having a dry bed to go home to, after the walk is over. So do I.
 I managed to buy a new iPhone 8 after much hassle on my only day off. Apparently Verizon gave my social security number to another customer three years ago when I switched to AT&T and they had to unfuck the problem while I sat around in their rather pleasant office waiting to be declared fraudulent free. Nothing is easy. However the cellphone signal is splendidly strong, a feature of AT&T we noticed on our road trip where we kept losing the signal. And the new phone has a remarkable camera. I tested it at Smathers Beach deploying the telephoto and getting remarkably crisp pictures.
 Obviously its not as good as the big camera but it is quite an improvement. Meanwhile we wait for the peak of hurricane season to strike next month, so at the police station everyone is getting their vacation time out of the way. As a result I am working all the hours god sends and feel senility creeping up on me prematurely with each hour of overtime under my belt.
I crave an afternoon in a museum or wandering the lanes of Old Town as the afternoon breeze is very pleasant under clear blue skies, when its not thundering. Instead its a dog walk, an exercise class and sleep; rinse wash and repeat. I have often said working in Key West is a pretty good proposition if you can get good work. No weather anxieties with winter snowstorms, even if hurricanes do occasionally disrupt life, plus traffic problems are light compared to the snarls on freeways Up North during commute hours.  
The bigger scooter helps to make the journey to and from work interesting, and that's lucky as there are plenty of trips back and forth in my future this Fall.