Friday, November 13, 2009

1100 White

I got a request to take a picture of a mural on White Street. I am nothing if not obliging but Page's Paints was rather less so. On arrival I found the mural was covered by an advertising banner that was screwed into the wood. I wondered what to do and thought perhaps I might pull the banner aside for a quick picture, but closer inspection showed it was screwed firmly into the wood frame of the wall.Life is just a series of ironies, so I figured I'll have to come back when the banner has been taken down.The 1100 block of White is a busy place, with busy business taking up almost all the block. Matheessen's is a reincarnation of a diner that was popular in Key West with the previous generation of Conchs ("konks"= native Key Westers). They have three locations in Key West two outlets on Duval, a candy store and a grill, andthier flagship diner here on White Street:We had a hamburger in dispatch a couple of weeks ago on a colleague's insistence and it was really quite good. They also deliver:Of course I was attracted to the pristine Vespa 150 ET4 parked in front of this building. The new 1680 talk radio station that calls itself KONK am broadcasts from here, as well as online. Which is just as well as this is a true community station and the signal does not transmit very far at all. I've always felt Key West needed it's own community radio station and perhaps this will last long enough to become that voice:It put me in mind of my own decade working in radio; I hope they are having as much fun as I had. Next door to KONK am was Maribel's beauty parlor, but more interesting to me was the campaign poster still flying bravely, right across the street from Jimmy Weekly's own business, Fausto's Food Palace. Lest he forget these people threw their support behind him...That would be Fausto's grocery store across the street:Back on the other side of the street is Mo's Restaurant which has quite a following. It started out as a French-Canadian place, but they sold up and left. Now, continuing the Gallic connection it is run as a Haitian restaurant:And across the street one can see the Mo's truck parked as it's own form of on street advertising. The Canadian Maple Leaf symbol is hard to miss:I'm told Mo's French Onion soup is outstanding. Close by I found a minuscule store closed but available to rent for $875, a space perhaps ten feet wide and twice as deep. It looked small to me:Next door the antique shop called In One Era makes the most of it's space by filling every nook and cranny with an astonishing collection of dust catchers:And across the street here we see the severely efficient yellow block of a building that used to house a place called Island Bagels. I seem to recall them as quite good but not cheap and rather unfriendly. Perhaps my opinion was catching because they were replaced by this gym which seems to do a lot of business:Further south on the east side of White there is a landmark in local real estate:Back on the west side of White more small stores doing their thing:For twenty grand this store offers integrated electronics, alarms, computing and I don't know what all. Terribly modern I'm sure:This delightful nook looks like a home, and a small one even by Key West standards.And beyond the green house ( if that is what it is) there is a car wash on the corner of Catherine Street:And for no particular reason I close with this picture of a Dad walking his kid down White Street:I just thought the kid with his out-sized Fantasy Fest beads looked happy. Silly me, he's probably worried about the Federal deficit too.