Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Key West Seascapes

It is a Key West icon for sure but I don't photograph it very often simply because it is there, every day and it's usually crowded with people who line up to be photographed at this very spot!
In the early hours of the morning Cheyenne and I were alone with our thoughts. She was wondering what there was to eat; I was wondering how it is none of the visitors seems to note the anomaly of land, clearly visible, that is to the south of the "Southernmost" Point. However it is a listening post to monitor the Communists on the Godless Isle and is thus closed to the likes of you and me. If you and I want to listen to Cuba we can tune in Radio Rebelde at 620AM or commercial-free classical music at 590AM Radio Musical Nacional.
It was a dramatic morning looking out across the Straits of Florida toward Cuba over the horizon.
There is a small pier jutting out from the end of Duval Street.
It didn't look like a sunny day was on offer but things got brighter later. The weather rarely disappoints in Key West. Unless you are looking for snow.