Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Artist's House

I have to say I admire people who take a simple structure and turn it into a canvas.

Bright colors and flamboyance suit almost anything in a sunlit tropical environment. Take a strange shape for a bike rack and paint or age and watch the yellow Labs flock to it.

And up above the door one doesn't just nail a number, one adds colors and scenery.

I am clearly no artist, my house is a sort of gray color wit dark trim. What do I know?

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Ironies And Amusements

I couldn't help myself, when I saw the big Tarot-like sun face peering round the tree and the ridiculous sign hanging off the trunk.

Cheyenne had had enough of summer mugginess in winter. She stopped for a while and when she stops I pull out the newspaper...

...or the camera and watch my fellow humans honk their way past me.

A scooter is a fine way to get around town, with minuscule fuel consumption and ease of use, it makes more sense than riding the bus. Seen here from the bus stop at Whitehead and Truman:

This sticker struck a nerve. Just what?!

It will take more than bumper stickers to end the federal reserve banking system . However more people are talking about killing the privately owned central bank so Ron Paul could feel ,Ike he is making some headway at least.

This house is on Amelia Street, I think, and it has been looking rather abandoned and down at heel for some time, but now it appears to be on the mend:

I think the asking price on this Zenn car (Zero Emissions, No Noise) was north of five grand.

Now here is a mystery, a dog turd on a plant. How did the dog balance it on the leaf like this, and why? And where was the owner, foul human, with no plastic bags to hand?

"C.E.S." old timers will recall the old City Electric System, the publicly owned utility that became a Lower Keys operation over time and changed it's name to Keys Energy System.

I never knew the health department had a car dedicated to helping people get the message about quitting tobacco but here it is; I saw it at the Gato Building on Simonton.

My mind was in the gutter on Catherine when I spotted this sculpted bowl of, was it fruit or nuts?

And this magnificent sponge was hanging as a decoration in front of the House next to the Tomasita seafood shack...

...whose hand written sign comes in a style eminently reminiscent of similar signs I've seen all over the Caribbean.

It gets the job done with no frills.

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