Monday, June 21, 2010

The Galley Is Back

There are those who think photographing food is weird. To them I say this:My wife for some reason was not enamored of her seafood quiche so I got to eat some of it and I thought it was excellent. This is the second time we have eaten at the Galley on Summerland Key since it reopened and even though the quiche was not what my wife ended up wanting we still agree that this is a good place to eat. When you eat out in the Keys with three teachers you end up meeting pupils and ex-students everywhere. Lisa on the left, taught our waitress in Junior High. They had some catching up to do.Josh thinks I am goofy with my camera. There is no doubt he is goofy with a piece of bacon. But as Buffalo Bill never tires of pointing out everything goes better with bacon.
Moore food. Lisa enjoyed her eggs (I hate runny eggs is her mantra).Josh had the Hobo breakfast with runny eggs- a potent plate of biscuits and gravy with that dreaded bacon on the side. Me? I had a Monte Cristo, which I somehow failed to photograph. I was first introduced to this French toast sandwich by a colleague on the night shift. Johanna has moved to Cape Coral but it is to her i owe my knowledge of this typically American concoction. Dip bread in egg and fry. Pack with ham and swiss cheese and grill and cover with maple syrup. Eat with knife and fork. I don't often have a Monte Cristo but when it is on the menu I will order one and take my hat off to the late great Johanna for sharing one with me one dark night in the dispatch center five years ago. I think indoor seating is best when it's 90 degrees (32C) and humid (and it's only June! OMG!! Gag with me a ventilator!!) but they do have outdoor seating for hardier types or winter residents.
Look for the turquoise roof under the blazing sun at Mile Marker 25: This is one of the few, ever ugly billboards grandfathered and allowed to blight the Lower Keys. What the add means I have no idea. What are those two round things? And when I compared Progressive to Geico I found Geico massively more expensive. These aren't lies on the scale of BP but corporate lying comes in all forms. doesn't it? Ah yes, tucked away where zombies in cars can hardly manage to hit it, is my Bonneville. A fine end to a splendid breakfast, a ride in the sun.