Sunday, September 27, 2015

Dog Food

There are days I have to confess when I wished I had some more interesting rides to enjoy on two wheels. Sometimes the straight shot east (northbound) or west (southbound) on the Overseas Highway feels a bit inadequate to meet my needs, and I long for a winding twisting road in hill country somewhere. Mind you even if I were to ride up onto the mainland there are few surprises there, flat straight roads, many of which I know quite well...the nearest hills are a dozen hours away!
So instead I make do and perhaps take the long way round on Big Pine Key's back roads, or I wander down the side roads on Sugarloaf, or Summerland or I relax and enjoy the views and plan some future excursion. It's been hard though as I didn't get to go to Italy last year or this where roads are twisty and interesting, and I haven't been back to North Carolina in a while either so I am missing my motorcycle excursions. Cheyenne is aging and is less interested in leaving the house on the hot muggy September afternoons so a run to the supermarket on Big Pine could be done on the Bonneville instead of hauling a formerly  frisky  dog in the car.
The views were terrific of course, one can't complain about the mixture of clouds, smooth waters and mangroves, so I stopped on my way home and took some pictures. I hadn't planned on buying 25 pounds of dog food but there was a sale on at Winn Dixie in  Big Pine Key and I bought the big bag and left the small bag I had planned to take. "I'll get it on the Bonneville somehow" I told myself at the check out even though I had brought no bungee cords...And in fact my cargo net that usually holds my waterproofs was up to the task and the bag folded obediently under it. Cheyenne had food for a while though she was sleeping when I got home, six miles later, so I doubt she noticed the new bag of small bites that she like so much.  
It's the small things that add up I suppose and its these inconsequential rides that make up daily life. Indeed were it not for my two wheels I would feel like I was missing out on my favorite way to reduce my daily stress. Commuting to Key West before my shift helps, but going for groceries is no bad thing either.
Bridges and water may not be hills and mountains but they get the job done, somewhere to ride, something to see.