Friday, May 16, 2014

Ode To A Coconut Palm

The move continues apace, boxes, books, odds and ends stuffed into the cars along with all the odd crap one accumulates through ten years of residence in one spot and twenty years of marriage all over the place.

The constant chaos has my Aspergers screaming much of the time, especially when I recall quiet times and routines with fondness even as the move brings new discoveries of old things. I have decided I must read my books once more before I die, and some of the titles will I am sure be easily digestible. I rediscovered an old biography of Robert Louis Stevenson and wild travel tales of North Africa, provocatively titled Hashish and a book of poetry I had forgotten I had. My wife knows I have a tendency to dawdle when surrounded by book so she kept a close eye on me as I emptied the first book shelves.

Cheyenne's role is to keep an eye on things, which she does very well. I have worried that the move, which we hope to complete in ten days, may upset her, but she shows no sign of any inner turmoil. She enjoys the cool tile floor and usually sleeps across the door as the business of organizing continues around her.

In light of what my wife calls this second job, and the time and energy it consumes, I am posting pictures of a coconut palm today, a symbol of stability in my changing world. Actually my friend Robert who has loaned me his vast spacious trailer, invaluable for this job, hates non native coconut palms as they produce much waste for no purpose and threaten unwary heads with their nuts. And yet these trees are the very symbol of the Fabulous Florida Keys that visitors expect to see...

A breezy morning at Veterans' Park.

An android phone camera with too many peculiar settings.


I took each picture separately with the camera on a different weird setting.

Amazing what technology can do.

To what purpose I'm not sure.

The new house on Cudjoe Key has a couple of mature coconut palms as compared to the home we are leaving on Ramrod which has a dozen and very messy they are too. But pretty, it has to be said.