Monday, April 3, 2017

Boca Chica Playtime

Start your week with a look at this:
Sunrise at Boca Chica, low tide though tides aren't moving much water this time of the month.
The time between full moon and no (new) moon is called neaps by sailors and that's when the tides are shallow, not much up and not much down. 
So when I met this bloke and his dogs we were restricted to a narrow strip of dry land. Not a problem for my newly socialized  dog.
They ran until they could run no more. The other guy seemed quite grateful for the canine exhaustion.
Rusty has made astonishing progress from a year ago when he ran from any dog that reminded him of his life on the streets where he survived by knowing when to run hard and far. 
Then we met an angler who rescued an older dog that spent most of his life along in a crate on a deck. They are inseparable now. The dog spent a year at the SPCA before he found her. No one wants an old dog. Except him.
I have no idea who spends their life piling rocks but someone does. Hope they rescue dogs too with all that energy to burn.
She is totally devoted to the man who got her out of her cages. She came up to say hi to me and wandered off checking the bushes, going for a swim and watching her man catch his fish.
You know the owner wasn't on board but it was the hired help pounding into the wind:
I liked the light so I took a picture:
The water was too deep for crossing comfortably especially as it was rising. 
We found a dry beach behind the mangroves and Rusty went nuts.
When I watch him run uninhibitedly I am glad he lives with me. He wouldn't do well under constant leash supervision.
Wild thing.
One last look back and home to sleep it off.
We trudged through a  crowd of people at the parking lot, necks craned to stare at the fighter jets rushing around overhead.