Thursday, June 2, 2016

Truman Waterfront

I wanted to post this on my Facebook page (Michael Conchscooter) with a title "Limin' in Key West" but she  was reading a mighty tome so for all I knew she might have been engaged in some titanic struggle of learning and "hanging around" might not have done the business justice. 
I am drawn back to the Truman Waterfront these days in a  desperate effort to see what I have not noticed before because soon this place will change and become  a dreary suburban useful space. 
 I am not looking forward to the conversion but construction has begun and its been a decade and a half since the Navy gave the 34 acres to the city so it has beena fine long run of neglect. And I have enjoyed it.
I wonder if they will keep these bollards as a reminder of the ships that tied up here at the Inner Mole?
 I rather preferred the color version of this second attemtp at framing the Navy ship:
 But the former Navy housing now stark white condos were entrancing under the hot afternoon sun:
A jogger caught Rusty's attention as he sat next to me in the shade:
 I dissuaded him from going to say hello. For a Carolina Dog he is far too friendly with strangers.

 Quite aside from the fact his ears flop and don't stick up like they usually do in this breed:
We sat companionably in the shade contemplating the long trek back to the car and warm clean water.