Monday, June 14, 2021

Joy On The Waterfront

Eat it raw indeed. 
It was all business as usual at the Historic Seaport at Key West Bight.
I find myself feeling pompous and rather silly every time I describe the Bight as the Historic Seaport...etc... but as it happens a  Very Important Consultant said the name matters and that's what they came up with. 
The transformation of Turtle Kraals into the Boathouse at Turtle Kraals is not moving especially fast. That's a good name though, connecting the new to the past.
For a mad moment I wanted to own the dinghy with the flared bow. Then I remembered that vans don't need dinghies. Another point in their favor.
Why you say? Because engines fail at the most inconvenient moments, that's why:
This was decidedly a good day to walk the Historic Seaport at Key West Bight on my lunch break:
It's called the Bight by locals because a bight is an indentation in a  coastline suitable for anchoring a ship. The original American settlers in Key West after they bought the island from the Spanish made this corner of the new city the harbor.
Now the shrimp boats are gone and recreational boats have taken their place. This is where the people anchoring out leave their transportation. The one closest has a bag of laundry aboard, reminding us of the joy of living at anchor and doing chores.
"This area is under video surveillance" Makes me glad I don't have to review hours of boring tape every time someone loses their marbles. I behaved impeccably while being surveilled, just so you know.
As usual I was walking against the flow. 
And there were quite a lot of people out enjoying the day.
I saw the potential for a vacation date here:
Telephonic vacation:

Schooner Wharf making people happy since forever. Its Schooner Wharf Bar, by the way, no plurals involved. Schooners Wharf sounds like finger nails on a  black board to my delicate ears. 
Key West: ideal for family vacations. And lots of people think this happy town is not child friendly.
Time to go back to the salt mines. It was good while it lasted.