Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Flora Of Key West

Let us rejoice that not every corner of the continent is gray and bleak and covered in frost.
Red mangroves know no season, they secrete salt into their leaves that when full turn yellow and die and drop off. But they do it year round as the mangrove has adapted to live only in salt water. 
It comes as a surprise to discover that in the Keys, where there is never any frost, tropical fruits will grow more or less wild. It is a grave offence to pick bananas or mangoes or other fruits without the owner's permission. Something about tropical fruit growing in these United States brings out the pilfering instinct in some people.  
The Malabar Almond tree on Frances at Ashe Streets has lost the sign that was hanging on the trunk for as long as I can remember. Howard Sands died at Chateau Thierry in France in July 1918 and his family planted  a sapling in his memory making the tree about a hundred years old. Susan Gardner was the last guardian of the tree and she died in 2015 after a  lifetime of sweeping the sidewalk and maintaining the home she inherited.
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So naturally the sign is gone, the history cleaned up and the house is on the market rendered bland and inoffensive for maximum return. That's how they transform Key Wesr, it's  luxury home now.
Flowers growing through fences are a fairly common sight in Key West:
Vegetables painted on light poles isn't:
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Fresh new buds springing forth in January in Key West: