Sunday, August 30, 2015

Blimp Down

A few pictures of Blimp Road, in color this time as we waited for tropical weather to appear. 
They winch the balloon, known as Fat Albert, to the ground from time to time.
Sometimes for servicing no doubt but when I don't see it in the sky I assume winds are expected.
Fat Albert as the blimp is known, used to be an Air Force  radar/infrared detector platform of some sort to detect smugglers. Nowadays they say it is operated by NOAA the weather agency after the Air Force wanted to give it up. What it looks for now I'm not sure. Illegal entry I guess, just as before.
You can't beat the green white and blue primary colors of the Keys.
And in the early morning the tops of the clouds get the sunlight before we mere mortals on Earth.
Looking north from the boat ramp.
Looking east.
Looking for something to eat:

Looking south, Blimp Road, dead straight for three miles to the Overseas Highway.
Whence we came and shall return.