Monday, March 2, 2020

Old Town Frills

I wanted to title this picture "Old and New in Key West" and I rather like the effect of highlighting the color of the Corvette.
Mind you so much of Old Town is white painted wood that the use of black and white doesn't always stand out!  These pineapples were a traditional symbol of welcome in the Key West of old. Nowadays a realtor and an open check book are the more usual symbols of welcome.
I was walking past the bike shop and saw a mechanic with a  whole selection of tools laid out and a ghost standing right next to him.

Rusty in color in a monochrome world. I won't keep doing this but I did want to experiment a little. For some reason he posed when turning and looking at me.  A rare piece of cooperation from a camera shy dog.
Only block alley if you are living here be it ever so briefly and loading your car momentarily.
Sepia cyclist. I have resorted to using sepia tint to colorize Key West on flat overcast  days. Aside from the helmet it looks slightly olde worlde I think.