Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Rusty The Refugee

Leaving Rusty during the month of July to be with my family in Italy was hard enough but then came Irma. Through hurricane season the plan at the back of our minds is for my wife the evacuate as soon as schools close. Sometimes in a low category storm if  she feels confident and has a reliable friend staying at home my wife will join them always with the dog. In this case there was no doubt evacuation was in order. She went early, leaving at 6am on the Wednesday beforethe storm and she got to Pensacola well before the chaos that followed as much of Florida evacuated on Thursday and Friday. Then she went to see another college friend in Birmingham, Alabama, before ending up with a third friend in Asheville followed by a visit with her sister who was working in Marion, North Carolina. Then she turned around and came south stopping with yet another friend in Palm Beach before coming home. And more importantly bringing the little prince safely back. And along the way as I pined I got these postcards:

 Fellow refugees Chuck and Wayne met up with Layne at Therese's house in Pensacola for mutual commiseration.

The fine clean sand of the Florida panhandle:
He found evacuating stressful and did a lot of sleeping