Thursday, May 3, 2012

Summer Cold Front

It lasted a few days, and seemed to take more than just me by surprise.

Cheyenne doesn't much like rain but she does like her walks.

Which pushes me out into the 75 degree afternoon to brave rain and wind and slow cautious traffic.

Around here it's worth taking a peek east and west to see where the lighter skies are. And that is where Cheyenne has a chance of a dry walk.

This is the time of year there is an abundance of puddles which is good for her as she enjoys puddle splashing when she doesn't feel thirsty.

These sort of dramatic skies make summer interesting in the Keys. Winter is a time of clear blue skies with occasional temperature dips.

Summer is the season of hurricanes and daily meteorological violence.

We huddled under the mangroves while a rain shower blew through. The rain left as quickly as it came and i fiddled with my camera settings. The world looked black and white through the lense of my little pocket camera.

Sepia looked weird.

Color looked washed out too.

I like the sumer seascapes, the "other" season in the land of perpetual summer.

Summer is the season of puddles which makes it necessary to wear rubber shoes for dog walking.

Dog walking is a rewarding activity for me.

You get to see nature in the raw...

...and see dogged persistence in action.

Cheyenne walking on the north shore of West Summerland Key.

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