Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sugarloaf Food Company

They call it the Sugarloaf Food Company because that's where it used to be, the owner told me, though now it is on the north side of the Overseas Highway on Summerland Key. It's easy enough to spot:I am compulsive enough that I would change the name and use the original incorporation papers modified with a "doing business as Summerland..." but that is more a mark of my personality defects than of any problem with their food. Besides, I think people enjoy the quirky absence of corporate conformity and having to ask why Sugarloaf on Summerland gets people talking. Most people (not me) like tot alk when they go out to buy food.Many food outlets in the Lower Keys like to take Monday off so the fact these people are open six days a week is worth noting.
I would have to return without my wife to be able to advise what these things taste like but they were just one item in a whole display case.The staff are uniformly cheerful and efficient, and while they may be friendly they don't seem to forget that sandwiches are food for people on the go. "Organized chaos" one employee laughed. Organized organization I think, masquerading as cheerful chaos.It's not a startling menu but they use quality ingredients and though I have yet to work my way through the menu board I am pretty sure I won't regret going out on a limb.A modern business cannot it seems get by without dust catchers for sale...Perhaps it is a remnant of the boom economy when we could blow twenty bucks on a whim; probably snowbirds still can. We took our sandwiches and coffee outside and sat on the deck in back under an aquamarine umbrella that lent the day a peculiar submarine shade.
A wrap and a quiche and some very good coffee, none of that battery acid extra burnt stuff here. I am a lone yuppie in a world that doesn't seem to appreciate mild sweet coffee anymore. I rate a cup well made if I don't have to tone it down with milk. I took mine black at the irritatingly named Sugarloaf Food Company at Mile Marker 25, on Summerland Key. Everyone wants a water view in the Keys. we got a water glimpse out back:
I wondered how they were going to make it when they opened a few years ago which goes to show how little I know. They do a land sale business every time I drive by and with good reason because the stuff tastes good. If I were driving to Key West I might well stop here for a break before the Big City swept me up.