Saturday, September 26, 2015

Breakfast For One

Breakfast out,  decidedly not normal for one who works night shift and goes straight home to sleep in the morning...And then consider I was at two restaurants in two days, that's also unusual for me but it was an unusual week one way and another. It was an accident of scheduling that I had several days off in a row...I dropped my wife off at the doctor's for a check up and while she was being prodded and inspected I went for breakfast.
From the outside Key Plaza is a common-or-garden shopping center, acres of asphalt and neon signs and all the trimmings of mainland USA. However inside the strip mall there lurks a rather nice  cafe, called Key Plaza Creperie where they make...crepes, among other things. Their buckwheat crepes they call gallettes but either way you call them they are very good. 
I immediately received a French Press with instructions to wait for the timer to go off before pressing the handle. I duly waited the five minutes, pressed the handle and poured myself a pleasantly strong cup of black coffee. Worth the upgrade from the usual house coffee. As I usually sleep during the early morning the coffee helped me overcome my natural inclination to pass out. 
Then my breakfast sandwich arrived, steak eggs and cheese with a side order of rosemary potatoes and it was quite delicious. I read my Kindle, sipped my coffee and waited for a call from the doctor's office recalling me to duty.
It wasn't a cheap breakfast, around twenty bucks plus tip for the special coffee and the very filling sandwich but I felt it was good value for money, especially in September, low season and a quiet nicely appointed cafe for a back ground to a slow contemplative breakfast. I could have waited in the doctor's office in an uncomfortable straight back chair and a loud blaring television or I could have been here. No contest.
When they did call to tell me the wife was ready for pick-up they added she wanted a bagel to break her overnight fast. It was the work of moments to drive round the corner to Goldman's, which was my back up breakfast plan, and get a bagel with cream cheese. Delivering the bagel to my woozy wife eased my conscience a little bit even though I think I got the far better breakfast deal.