Friday, September 17, 2021

Santiago’s Bodega

Our very good friend Gary and his wife Barbara bought us a retirement dinner at Santiago's Bodega, the notoriously delicious tapas restaurant on Petronia Street at the corner of Emma. 

I like their Portuguese wines the whites tend to be tart and fruity and light and especially delicious when you see the rich food. However their sangria comes in red and white and we usually go there for the festivtive flavor of fruit and wine. We chose red.

The gazpacho cup was fresh and peppery but the shrimp bisque was really divine, as our server Sam assured us it would be. 

We both knew Sam from various exercise classes, and I really like her work ethic. She is a thin and flexible blond with none of the attributes of the bad jokes. She made our evening extra special and it was a nice way to say good bye.

We reserved outdoor seats after Layne's doctor approved eating outdoors as safe for her immune system. Dr Ritter is an unusually cautious  doctor so an outdoor table was surprisingly do-able. We did it.

"Fierce potatoes" aren't Layne's favorites but I am fond of tubers and to get them all roasted and creamy and spicy and mixed in with peppers and olives makes them perfect.  Papas bravas every time. 

The quesadillas are crisps of cheese with a sweet and cheesy topping. Very rich and very filling. 

Mushroom puffs because puff pastry and mushrooms can't be beat...except by those potatoes!

Rack of lamb.

We haven't eat since June when we met friends at the outdoor tables at Off the Hook on Caroline Street.

Happily Santiago's didn't miss a beat and the evening escape from packing boxes was well worth while.

Bread pudding was an extravagance, a sugary brioche with ice cream.

I have no idea how to smile for the camera but I enjoyed playing with my iPhone mini.

Parking was crap as always so we walked two blocks to the car which in point of fact was no bad things as the food needed to be settled. 

I don't know how some people eat out every night. Aside from the expense the rich flavors packed with salt and fats and exaggerations that make an occasional indulgence memorable, would make me dyspeptic.

A glance up Petronia Street, then a  short walk down Emma Street and finally home.