Monday, March 4, 2019


Interrupted by phone: Garrison Bight Marina:
 Liveaboard bicycles at the marina:
Every now and again I like to record Key West bicycles, in action and at rest, like this one at the Old Town Fire Station on Simonton:
 They are a part of our ives whether we ride them or not. They are there:
 Most are workhorses, unsung heroes of social mobility on a  small island:
 They are practical and decorated, bright colors or rusty:
 They take you to the movies with no-hassle parking:
 I saw these two at the Artisan Market, Higgs Beach:
 And decided they looked better from behind:
 Expensive bikes aren't necessary, style is optional but preferred:

 Strange dog, not Rusty at Higgs Park:
 Rentals have signs on them, usually on the front basket:
 Parking is everywhere, preferably not attached to city property, but you need to lock them always:
 In Florida bicycles may ride on the sidewalk as long as they yield to pedestrians. Key West has lots of bike paths and trails in an effort to reduce a high accident rate, the highest in the state. Not everyone likes to ride them though which seems odd considering the driving standards:
Bikes get stolen all the time so to leave one unlocked even for a moment is a risk. 
 Tricycles are practical if you don't like falling over and like to carry stuff. Easier to sightsee too.
 Always practical:

 And sometimes they do sterling duty as ornaments, an honorable retirement.