Thursday, April 1, 2010

Alternative Energy

Smartfortwo are not exceptional alternative energy vehicles anymore, they are now showing up lightly used. This 2008 with 3,000 miles was for sale with all accessories and a convertible top for (drum roll) $14,500. A great deal considering that off the showroom floor this would set you back batter than $20,000. And it's in the colors that my wife loves.Too bad we feel very leery of getting into any debt these days. Or try a penny farthing for alternative wheels:For true alternative energy you want to go see the Key West High School lab run by my buddy Mr Josh Clearman.I call it flower bed, you call it a...heat diffuser? Typical scientist joke.
The program is a mixture of classroom, lab and practical application. This program is much admired and has received some very positive press.With reason. The High School is generating wind power.
They also make fuel to run the school buses.
Who da man? He da man!
The high school makes electricity from wind thanks to Mr Clearman. Mrs Josh Clearman helping direct visitors to the open house. Hi Lisa!
A Mercedes Benz running on grease. Amazing stuff.
Aside from one small extra filter you can't tell the difference.
Bio-diesel is an enthusiast's market but people are learning this sort of thing may be the way of the future, in one measure or another.
And people want to learn.

Josh is leading the way in bringing alternative energy knowledge to the youngsters of the Florida Keys. Very cool.