Thursday, December 19, 2013

Big Pine Dog Joy

I love moonlight. I look out of my house at night and see that peculiar white light from the moon dappled by the trees around my home and I like what I see. However the sun has to set before sister moon can make an appearance.

We took a cool evening walk, my dog and I, but I went late in an effort to be in the woods as dusk settled over the Keys.

Cheyenne wandered off into the bushes leaving me to read and watch the light fade away as the words on the page became illegible.

It is a pleasant thing to stand among the trees and to read a little and meditate a little and to look up and idly watch the clouds a little.


I don't think I was feeling as smug as I looked.

But it was a fine spot to be smug in.

My dog does not hold me to a high moral standard, fortunately.

A plane full of people high in the heavens, eating dolls house sized portions of peculiar food, being whisked along at 550 miles an hour, six miles up in the sky all while leaving a white trail of air pollution.

I rarely take pictures with the flash as I don't much like the effect.

This time it might have been beneficial.

We got home in time for dinner as fascinated as we were by nighttime.