Sunday, December 22, 2019

One Wise Man (And His Dog)

Usually this time of year I drag my sorry backside around the neighborhoods to photograph Christmas lights on houses. This year I thought to myself I'll do something different. The thought was prompted when I noticed this delightful example of Tropical Adaptation. No fake snow here, just a Christmas Alligator. How suitable for the season:
This lot seem to follow the theme though their actual species is a bit indecipherable to me. Possibly a crab? A clam? A stingray?
The usual tree at the end of Green Street this year with a  new  Key West Bight sign. Except the Bight has been renamed the Historic Seaport to bump up the pomposity a bit. A Bight is an indentation in a  coastline suitable for anchoring boats. Or its a loop of rope which it isn't in this case.
My sentiments precisely even if my purveyor of happiness wasn't cooperating and dodged out of frame. His tail held high shows his state of happiness.
 I trust this provocative sign refers to the peppers and pepper flavorings within:
I quite like the Christmas Carol effect of the wreaths on the decorative lamp posts around Old Town. Rusty couldn't care less:
 Kermit's looking extra festive though he does get a leg up with his normal decor of green on yellow:
 And of course Christmas lights in the palms always look good and I have more photographed below:
This, below, is about as many icicles as I ever want to see again. My wife and I were watching a  movie set in a dark moody Alaskan village in winter, HOLD THE DARK was the title and at one point she turned to me and said with a  worried tone in her voice: Will we have enough heat in the van? I pointed out we may lack heating elements but our retirement home will have wheels and we shall go south as soon as frost threatens if not before.
I plan to come back to Key West and live on a  boat again to wrap up a busy life. Perhaps a Viking Funeral to end it all. Perhaps not. More likely a slow dreary fade to black in a nursing home! 
Pepe's on Caroline Street has got into the colored light thing too.  I think the oyster shells could reasonably be viewed as representative icicles this time of year...
I noticed these decorations on White Street presumably ready for darkness to fall. I like the winter season snow free and full of fresh spring greenery.  I never have been a fan of four seasons.
It's all about nostalgia in Key West and it does look a bit absurd when you view it rationally but this is not a time to be rational, it's a time to decorate.