Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Graffiti Art

I come out here from time to time and this time the art seems to have been given a heavy tilt toward blue:

 I am not fond of tuna  either:

 This works for me:
 Bad grammar and bad sentiment:
 Exploration is the essence of youth. Stay curious  to stay young:
 No way mermaids are real. I think this was just to provoke:

 Noles and Gators animated this artist. 
 And one rebellious pipe that was not blue:
 Either the surface of Mars OR concrete texture here on Earth:
 Rusty completed his explorations so we took off back to home and to bed:

 Mangroves in every direction. 
 Had I not the opportunity to take these solo wilderness walks I don't know how I'd let off steam;
Thank you Rusty.