Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Bien Sandwiches

Once a week my wife the adult educator works at the adult education office in Key West and these days as I live in Key West I am able to have lunch with her without much effort. I reduced my effort even further by walking across Eaton Street to pick up a couple of sandwiches. One would have been sufficient for both of us.
Bien came to Key West seven years ago and I wrote a review of the place in October 2011 however Google was switching blogger format around then and misplaced all my pictures. I have a huge picture gap from those years. Annoying but a first world problem. Anyway Paseo became Bien in 2015 when my picture stream had been restored:
A Seattle-based family that owned two sandwich shops in Washington State then opened a third in Key West, on the grounds presumably they could go no further. Then came the dispute not specified that broke up the little chain of shops called Paseo in Seattle and neighboring Fremont while in  distant Key West they renamed themselves Bien. In a town bulging with sandwich shops Bien has made a space for itself with particular sandwiches and rice bowls. 
Seating is limited with a bench inside and a couple of tables outside and their sandwiches are not the sort that can be eaten very easily on the move. They bulge with ingredients ready to spill down your shirt and leave stains everywhere. Delicious.
 While the seating is limited it is quite pleasant on a cool winter day illuminated by bright sunshine.
 The outside area is cooled  with fans useful in summer when the hardiest of patrons will be sweating. 
Or like me you can bundle your loot into a bag and haul it to someplace offering flat surfaces and lots of napkins. I bought too much food of course, I always do, a fish and a steak sandwich so we could try a sort of surf and turf lunch.
We both agreed the steak was perfect but the fish by comparison seemed to have less flavor. Odd, considering how rich these sandwiches look but next time, and there will be a next time we'll share one steak sandwich. Oozing with melted mozzarella:
I suggested to my wife that the food was so rich one every rare once in a while would be fine and she looked at me as though I had blasphemed. I didn't mean there was anything wrong with the food, far from it but it is in the words of the poet bulging with ooey gooey grease. It's a lot to tackle.
 They are famous for their slices of onion and you can see why:
Worth a visit and I'm not sure why I have left it so long since last time. I don't think my liver could handle one of these every week but every few months a pause to wrestle with long thick slices of sweet grilled onion could be on the cards. Should be on the cards.
It's a good spot to people watch too if you decide to sit and eat right here. Oh and there's a fine bakery across the street if the massive sandwich left room for pastry. I can't believe I said that. "...room for pastry..." Probably not.