Tuesday, December 20, 2016

South Roosevelt Improvements

The state Department of Transportation is eyeing South Roosevelt Boulevard for improvements. Why? Who knows...they could put money into repaving US ONe which is torn up by dozens of overnight trucks hauling supplies to the Keys each and every day, or they could leave well enough alone, but no, the state wants to improve South Roosevelt, properly known as State Road A1A.
And there are turn outs for traffic to cross to the airport and hotels:

As it stands South Roosevelt is a scenic four lane street with pedestrian crossings near the hotels and a thirty mile an hour speed limit not always observed. 
There is a wide sidewalk on the ocean side which is popular with people exercising on foot or by bicycle. So why does the state want to make changes? No one who uses this street has any idea at all. 
There is talk or reducing the travel lanes to two, thus increasing the possibility of road rage and congestion, while at the same time adding more bike paths and a median with a  turning lane. A turning lane? Why do we need a turning lane? There's nowhere to turn!
On the inland side there is the bridle path which is a walking trail and where parking is forbidden though you can drive there if you want to. On the seaward side there is nowhere to go either of course...So turning lanes make even less sense than you might imagine...
If you are coming from out of town and heading west and you want to park along the seawall facing in the opposite direction a u-turn across double yellow line sis not technically legal. What I do is turn into the Bridle Path and face back out and rive straight across the four traffic lanes when clear and then I park facing the way I came. Done and dusted.
I can see no sensible reason to change the layout of South Roosevelt. It's not a fast route anywhere as it takes the long way round and if you are in a hurry take the North Roosevelt route which the state has improved greatly with its long drawn out work to limit flooding and to coordinate traffic  lights. South Roosevelt is the scenic route and ends up in  a rather ugly way at Bertha Street, a canyon between condos:
Clearly re-paving would be a charitable act for the drivers around here but redesigning the whole street seems like a make work project for bored engineers.