Friday, May 10, 2019

Miami Fun

There was a time I could drive to Miami, see a doctor, do some shopping (all hail Trader Joe's! All hail Costco!) and then turn around drive home and carry out a  twelve hour shift at work. Not any more. We left home right after I finished my usual 8 hour shift and while Herself drove I slept and Rusty was with friends for the night.
It was a rainy day in Miami and while my wife had her broken finger inspected, the result of a kitchen slip, I stared out of the window at the rain clouds. The surgeon said no point in operating, it will heal itself and if not a fresh decision in a  month. Relief all round. I hear people bitching all the time about the quality of care in the Keys but with world class medical services available in Miami I don't really get the complaining. But some people are afraid of driving which makes life in the Keys rather restrictive.
 We went through Whole Foods for lunch which was an experience especially after I saw these chameleons strutting their stuff: 
I had bibimbap for lunch. The rice wasn't crisp whish is what I only know about from reading about this Korean dish but it tasted fine. I'd never eaten in the cafeteria  at Whole Foods but I would again, even with all the Amazon promotion plastered round the store. 
I bought gas and found a  bizarre smiling face at the pump. It turns out our sole statewide elected Democrat has put her face on our gas pumps. Technology strikes again!
Breakfast at the hotel had a massive view of downtown Miami and all it's construction as this is a city that never seems to run out of money. 
The University of Miami has developed a security system using more of that photo technology more or less successfully. Then you check in all by yourself which is also pretty weird at a computer screen which knows who you are from previous visits and charges your copay to a credit card and its all automated.  
Dr Quinnan likes to see me every  three months after my surgery and I was actually looking forward to showing him how I can balance and squat (a little bit) after he wired my pelvis back together last September. It was a positive meeting and my X-rays showed  good bone growth, the sort of thing that makes a surgeon happy. So we were all happy. Hooray until my next visit in August when I am keeping my fingers crossed that I shall be released to live and work 100%. They all told me it would take a year to recover and so it is turning out. 
 On our way back to the Keys we stopped in South Miami at Jackson South hospital to show off my walking prowess to the Intensive Care Staff that looked after me. Then we drove a further twenty minutes and stopped off at the rehab facility where I spent 58  days recovering the ability to function at least a little. I left in a  wheelchair promising I would return and show them my progress. They say very few patients do go back after leaving rehab and I wanted to be the exception because I am indeed grateful for the care they showed me.
I think that sentimental journey is my last. I can walk now and I have expressed my gratitude and shown them what I can do but as I got back in the car I felt I was closing the book on that part of my recovery and now it's time to move on. More exercise more work more learning to move again without continuing to look over my shoulder.