Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Cincinnati has the world’s worst traffic light system.  This apparently minor problem means the city sucks. The downtown is a grid of mismatched lights making it impossible to go anywhere even on a Sunday with no traffic.  Sitting at the light waiting for no one to cross...

And in this miserable town you can’t turn right on the red. What’s wrong with these people? No wonder they flood the Keys in winter to get away from this bullshit. 

On the other hand if you can still drive without having a heart attack you need to get to the Museum of Art. Pretty overwhelming. 

Admission is free and we got there early to get into the Terracotta Army exhibit for $15 apiece. Amazing value. 

Thousands of pottery statues were discovered in China in 1974 and have been cleaned up slowly and sent around the world in small groups to show what was possible in China 200 years before Christ.  Qin pronounced “Chin” was the first emporio of a united China after he spent most of his life pulling the various parts together. He planned a tomb with 8,000 figures representing an army, quarters to house them and civilians to serve them for his after life. What was buried was estimated to look like this:

What we see is this:

And look at the detail on the sole of his sandals:

And this was a sword from 2,000 years ago a world away and it is readily identifiable to anyone anywhere- as a sword! How does that happen? All swords look the same and everyone has one?! 

That was a breathtaking exhibition but the permanent halls are overwhelming too. I decided to take a look at American art. 

Looks classically European? There’s a reason for that, and it fooled me too. 

Eventually I had to go. She was right it was time for lunch at a Taste of Belgium. Real waffles, crisp thick doughy and delicious with meat cheese and egg. 

Then onwards! From the sublime to the absurd. 

Let me tell you the American Sign Museum May sound funny but it is astonishing. We took the audio tour included with admission-$15- which was headsets they give you plugged into your smartphone! 

The history is basically wood signs, light bulb signs and neon all the way up to contemporary LED which is not included in this museum. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Tremendous fun. You need to visit this place, trust me. 

Crazy eh? I loved it all. Very enjoyable talk about the history and technology of making signs. Super nerdy but you won’t take a road trip without thinking about what you saw here. Meanwhile...Rusty was languishing with a dog sitter ($20 through Rover very satisfactory) and liberation was at hand. It reminds me of my time in English boarding school but he seems fine after each time we do this. We took him to Smale Park along the Ohio River, Covington Kentucky across the water. 

And the struggle with the damned traffic lights. Cincinnati sucks. Well it does a little bit. Indian food for dinner made up for the traffic lights -somewhat.