Monday, July 25, 2016

Mastic Mobile Home Park

I don't know much about the history of Mastic Mobile Home Park on United Street but it is still going strong, a bastion of affordable housing in Old Town.
I am not sure where it got it's name but I suppose it is named for the mastic tree which I couldn't identify for you if one fell on me.
Seen from the Louisa Street side the life lived inside the park tends to spill out as projects gain a life of their own:

I believe there are close to 30 spaces in the park which as you can see is home to actual travel trailers rather than the usual selection of manufactured homes more or less on wheels.
I checked out Mindy Conn's school board race which is non partisan ostensibly and her list of endorsements includes the pricy end at Ocean Reef, the gated community at the north end of the county, as well as my own local of the Teamsters Union. So I guess I'm supposed to vote for her...I have some research to do I guess before November.
I wonder how long this corner of Key West will last. Simonton Court got wrecked by a mad desire to build expensive homes on land where trailers used to be.
I wonder how long before Mastic goes the same way. I remember Jabours Trailer Park next to Schooner Wharf where the Marker resort is today. They must have been sold around 2004 or 05 if I remember correctly and who remembers that low cost neighborhood almost on the waterfront?

Next to the trailers cleaned up and expensive little Conch cottages are sitting, almost as though waiting for the trailers to be gentrified out of the neighborhood.