Thursday, June 21, 2018

Sammy Creek

It's good to get away sometimes, and there is another road trip planned for July but when I get home I am reminded how easy it is to get off the beaten path in the Keys. Visitors beat the beaten path down Highway One, the ones that drive, and go straight to Old Town Key West. In summer families take school vacations here at home and swim and fish in some of the more popular spots but Rusty and I can always get away pretty easily.
I remember when Sammy Creek was an abandoned house before the family gave the land to the state for a park. A nice thing they did too. Irma wrecked the place but its back now ready to be ravaged by the next hurricane.
It was a test of my camera's zoom lense, a  bit distorted but the boat was a long way out:
American Shoals Lighthouse on the horizon marking the edge of the reef:
It was a hot afternoon but this guy was focused on his fishing under the blazing sun:
There was no one else around so a plane overhead caught my eye. I was quite surprised I managed to get a clear picture. 
Rusty loves walking these dead end streets. Until he doesn't and then he stops, waiots for me and turns around.
We walked a mile total away and  back to the park and I was sweating, Rusty was panting and yet he refused water. Strange dog.
Afternoon walk done.