Saturday, September 5, 2020

White Crowned Pigeons

They are endangered I am told with shrinking habitat across the Caribbean and Florida but they seem to be doing quite well in my world. I have seen a few white crowned pigeons a cross the canal from my house but there are a whole bunch of them out in the seed filled trees where I walk Rusty. 
My goal is to get lucky and catch one of nature's living bullets flying past my lens. They are fast and dodge tree tops as they go, leaving you holding your breath as they dip out of sight moving so fast you aren't quite sure they were there. Somehow I saw three of them waiting for something in the trees and I contented myself with classic bird on a stick photos of these elusive creatures. 
The weekends see tons of car traffic coming into and out of the Keys as big city workers seek brief relief in these islands. This weekend especially many more cars have two or more occupants for the Labor Day holiday. Not a mile away I wander with my camera seeking my own relief from the day with my camera in Nature. I enjoy looking for anomalies in the  shrubbery. I think of my summer trip Up North and remember fondly the light and the shadows, the curves and the variety of colors and here we are. A shaft of light, strands of cobwebs, nuggets of green. 
IF I allowed myself I could drive myself nuts by thinking about the good old days, dinner out, friends, plays, concerts, movies but what would be the point? I have Rusty my camera and my wife and a comfortable home and even a canal in which to swim. Could be worse.