Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Harley And Triumph

My wife and I went to classic night Monday at the Tropic cinema, she on her yellow Vespa me on my green Bonneville and there next to the Triumph was a black Harley Sportster.

The Harley line of Sportsters has been revamped to introduce youngsters to the brand and they say the chrome free, blacked out look is working. I liked this one. Except the side lights and side tag make it impossible to hang saddlebags off the back of the bike.

The handlebar has a nice curve to it and the single instrument can be supplemented with a tach from the Harley accessory catalogue...

...just as it can for the cheap model Bonneville. Unlike the Harley the Triumph doesn't have a big fat air filter blocking the rider's right knee.

But the Harley does have some pretty interesting black exhausts curling around the engine.

The Bonneville appeals to me more just because it's what I grew up with, symmetry and straight lines and a level seat remind me of the bikes of my youth.

No valve adjustments and a maintenance free belt drive on the Harley make it appealing to a high mileage rider like me. But after 61,000 trouble free miles the Bonneville has proved it's worth as well as it's beauty to me.

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Catherine And Georgia

Afternoon light, shining up Catherine convinced me to stop and walk and take a few pictures.

Catherine Street at White Street is marked by Island Gym, a pale yellow building that used to sell fancy bagels, years ago. They were pricey but of greater interest to me than this.

There is a row of apartments just around the corner, low buildings with a long porch ideal for street and people watching.

And a utility pole can be ideal in this environment for whimsical decoration.

Conch cottage.

Hairy palm trunk:

This cement wall intrigues me every time I ride by.

I don't see many walls like this in Key West though sometimes I think the poet's ironic reflection that strong fences make good neighbors applies for real on a small island.

When welcoming guests is the trade then a cheerful painted face is a much better fence than a severe cement wall.

And easy ample covered access for rented scooters is also desirable. Parking is a big concern for visitors who worry.

My bougainvillea is blooming though it's not as big and as busy as this.

These lovely louvered windows should have been closed tight to allow the air conditioning to do it's job. I am not sold on a future that might involve no air. I like cold air. I am a lesser mortal.

Big trees for shade make perfect sense in this torrid clime.

Shade and air conditioning for me. Catherine Street is a fine alternative street when Truman Avenue is clogged and everyone is lined up and bored waiting to get to Duval. There's lots to enjoy rolling down Catherine on the way to the fleshpots.

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