Friday, October 24, 2014

Fantasy Fest 2014 Local's Parade 1

My favorite part of Fantasy Fest didn't let me down and the Local's Parade, known to the business sponsors as the Masquerade March put on a display for more or less elaborate costumes and less overt nudity than in years past, by my estimation. The weather was perfect, sunny breezy and low humidity and it was all lovely under the trees on Frances Street.
Squeeze the nipples if you dare, apparently they beep. Sounds like fun.
"We are going to hell." Their theory included me, with a glint in their eyes. Eternity could be a very long time.
They call themselves bananimes:

Key West can be bad for you. Wears you down. The end.
The Japanese cartoons known as anime are outside my cultural scope. These are supposedly a representation of Hello Kitty. Enjoy.

My dominatrix. Her whip was a bit small actually for my taste.
Chaos on Frances Street. Controlled but chaotic. Some people tried to drive cars through this mess. Duh: find an alternative.
I'm not certain which speedo I liked best. Your choice: