Thursday, February 2, 2017

Fishing By Bridge And Boat

Channel Five Bridge is one of two 70-foot tall bridges in the Keys and it happens to provide great shade if you choose to walk the old Flagler Bridge or fish from there.
I was encouraged to see them  keeping the new bridge up to snuff in whatever way they do that kind of thing: 
Fishing, and I am not an angler so I'm theorizing here, requires quite a bit of equipment. He smiled cheerfully from behind his mound of stuff at young Rusty whom I leashed as we walked by, mostly because I remember what a hound Cheyenne was when bait  fish were lying around. The old Labrador was after them like a pig on truffles. Rusty is less food driven but I figure it's better to be cautious.
 It was  a glorious day.
 The temperatures were below 80 degrees, the wind was light but cool, seas were flat.

 Rusty enjoyed himself too I am happy to report, as we strolled all the way to the end of the fishing pier.
 This lot looked terribly disappointed:

 The inevitable exercise enthusiasts:
We stopped and looked and ambled and took pictures:
We had most of the bridge to ourselves. Imagine driving a car down here in 1981 and meeting your neighbor head on. It was a slow tense drive to Miami in those days. 

 These solid cement arches are well over a hundred years old and as strong as ever. Impressive: