Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Working The Keys

Tonight will be my ninth straight night at work. Overtime is a great thing so the money is great to have but the mental fog of constant work seems perpetual. We have some trainees at work who are doing well, so I permit myself to hope the overtime will be reduced before too long. Usually I work two nights on and two off but with this punishing schedule at the moment I barely have the energy to read the newspaper, never mind go out and find blog stories. I was reading about the author of 92 in the Shade and pondering his residence on Ann Street for a story. I need time!
Cheyenne  seems to be slowing down a bit. her afternoon walks are more like outdoor naps after a short walk. I have a folding chair, a magazine or a Kindle and time to spend with my dog. This visitor from Virginia was being more energetic. The prospect of ocean swimming this time of year sounds appalling to me. Not invigorating just cold.
Cheyenne loves this spot in the fine talcum powder dust. Usually she enjoys the grass  when we go out, but here she takes her spot in the dusty gully. I actually worry that  one of the rare cars showing up here might not see her, so well is she camouflaged, that I park my blue chair next to her to run interference.
So it goes. Work, sleep, hang out with my dog, work, sleep etc.. Not the glamorous Margaritaville lifestyle the chamber of commerce celebrates. I am hoping we will have some new hire sin place in a few weeks and with relief in sight I feel I can manage anything for a while.