Thursday, June 18, 2009

Leon Street

The shortage of roadways through the Keys forces a commuter to follow just one path to work if that commuter rides from the suburban islands to the big city. That is unavoidable but I do try to deviate from time to time and where I can. So, when I pass the Cow Key Bridge some days I'll turn left and head for Smathers Beach just for the view. Other days I might take Flagler to the police station. That being the case I would turn north off Flagler at the white wall shown above which marks Leon Street. The white compound was built at this location after Hurricane Wilma flooded the area in 2005. This house is located across Flagler from this landmark:It's actually a shrine, not a kennel for a bad dog. And this would be as good a spot as any for the obligatory Key West cyclist photo, in this case one who appears to have mislaid his diminutive passenger:Leon Street is a bit of a pain to negotiate between Flagler and Catherine as every single cross street has a stop sign......forcing me to proceed in a herky jerky fashion.I have tried out alternative streets but they none of them seem any more direct than this the most direct street. Besides Leon has lots of greenery to make it pretty:This house has always appeared mysterious and desirable to me, hidden behind it's trees and its high fence:This house is much more straight forward and more traditionally Florida in style:And here we have what appears to be a home closed for the summer:And the usual crop of brightly colored flowers, some I recognize, others I can't name:Those last are oleanders, poisonous to eat but used frequently in Italy in median strips on the freeways. I know it's necessary as everything has a finite lifespan but I hate seeing trees get cut down:I'd rather see trees trying to provide inadequate cover for a McMansion like these spindly palms:The community garden is visible from Leon Street at May Sands School:This is a place where urban gardeners come to make things grow:Stuff grows everywhere in the Keys given a little bit of soil:There are some squat apartment buildings as well on this picturesque thoroughfare:Before Leon dead ends into the parking lot at Horace O'Bryant Middle school, which forces me to go around three sides of a square to get to the police station on the other side.Because the House of Brats is a formidable obstacle, even when the youngsters aren't in residence:North Roosevelt Boulevard is a far quicker, far more direct route, though not so interesting.