Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Isaac Continued

Tropical Storm Isaac, the former Tropical Depression Nine has been dumping rain in the Eastern Caribbean and has also been forming a more definite path forward in the minds of meterologists.
There are winds pushing down on the storm from the Northern Atlantic they tell us so it seems this storm, which is trying to push north itself will be held over the larger islands of the Caribbean, that string of mountains known as the Greater Antilles. Which is all good news for the Keys even as the storm appears to be headed, still five days out, in our general direction. From the track it appears the path over Cuba will weaken the hurricane back to tropical strom status, and from there it may strengthen again as it approaches Florida, possibly the west coast. Travel over land weakens storms so we like that.
There are tons of variables but so far Isaac does not seem to pose a huge threat to the Lower Keys though some hurricane shutters have started to make their appearance and no doubt my weekend will be spent in similar preparations. Unless things change!

The Twenty Four Mile Bridge

The boast of the Keys is the seven mile bridge. Check out this monster

This bridge crosses Lake Pontchartrain and takes 24 miles to do it.

The equivalent would be an uninterrupted bridge from Big Pine Key to Stock Island.

They have cross over points along the bridge where cops and tow trucks park and traffic can be redirected in an emergency. Pretty smart.

There is also a draw bridge to let tall shipping through.

And in the distance the north shore gradually comes over the horizon.

They have weather stations to monitor conditions in the middle of the lake.

There are emergency phone boxes along the way too. All very reassuring when out of sight of land!

There are actually 24 mile markers all the way to the end.

And here they are enjoying a hundred degree afternoon, just like us...

...on the water.

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