Sunday, September 29, 2019

Truman Waterfront

Lunch beak when you work day shift can inspire you to fight ridiculously disorganized traffic in Old Town to break out on the water at Truman Waterfront Park.  My inclination leads me to the Bight where I can walk on the docks and the boardwalk and look at things like boats. So every now and again I have to tear myself away and break my habits. Friday was a warm day for a sunny waterfront.
My recent trio to Chicago was a surprisingly easy series of flights but flying remains my least favorite form of travel so even though they were up there air conditioned with splendid views I was not envying them.
I captioned this one on Instagram as a bench in need of an occupant. It looked enticing in real life, even in the sun.
For some people Waterfront Park merited a been there, done that sweep through the parking lot, but even for me on a mere lunch break time was not enough.
Truman Annex, the original Key West gated community peeps over the boundary fence and as neat and tidy as the Annex is, the Waterfront Park isn't giving anything up in the order stakes. 
It is open space as I never imagined to find here after the city converted the former Navy Base into a park. All plans for development took a back seat to paths, grass, exercise stations, a kids water park and lots of trees.
The original cement wharf must have been too much to dig up and it, along with the ships' mooring cleats are all still in place and make for an excellent bicycle area. Or fishing if you fele like lounging on a waterside bench. 
Only service vehicles come down here:
Another empty bench, proof positive snow bird season has yet to begin.

Not much happening on land, more happening on the water:
Margaritaville Resort next door but still inaccessible from here:

The cruise ship is docked at the Margaritaville Pier B:

Parasailing returns:
A perfect day in Paradise, so naturally I had to head back to work.