Monday, January 3, 2011

Vivid Key West

The bright sunshine of winter has been alternating with gray cloudy days of numerous cold fronts. I found myself out with the dog in a bright day walking so I took some pictures. I am not a fan of the cold gray leafless scenes of northern winters, I like the green of leaves, the white of clouds and the deep dark blue of the sky over Key West. And the odd splash of color from a flower. Cheyenne is a patient dog when I have my camera out. She stops on command and waits while I fiddle with the apparatus. For some reason, as I struggled to find a unifying theme for my pictures I chose to seek out colors and contrasts for my pictures.
Usually I let the pictures dictate the essay, but as I walked the title of this essay was firmly in my mind.The many colors of a winter day in the Southernmost City.
And when I looked for them, they burst out on me.
In my travels through the tropics I have always enjoyed the primary colors of life close to the equator. To find myself living among them even this far north always seems an especial privilege to me.
I don't think I have ever owned a purple bicycle seat. perhaps it's time.
The roof line of Charlie's Grocery.
The roof line of a Conch cottage.The roof line of a burial vault at the Key West cemetery.
It was a breezy sunny day and the palms above the cemetery were flapping about quite enticingly.A home made stool. I like the idea of someone taking the time to build to suit with the express purpose of taking one's ease to watch the world go by.
This old house had misfortune of having it's magnificent wooden walls covered by gruesome plaster tiles of some bizarre sort glued all over them.
Vivid Key West.

It's amazing what a bit of sunlight will do.