Thursday, November 17, 2016

High, High Tide

It seems that every high tide some of the back wood trails go under water. Like this:
I took these pictures around the recent full moon and the water you are looking at is usually gravel and dirt. It really is. Yet these days it seems to end up under water with greater frequency.  Which is not to say occasional exceptional high waters didn't flood the mangroves. But now it seems to happen too often. 
Luckily Rusty enjoys splashing around so I don't let six inches of water stop us. However you have to wonder what sea level rise will do for these islands over the next decade or two.
 Crocs are an invaluable tool for these expeditions.
 And a camera to wile away the time.
It is wonderfully peaceful out here and even though the wind carries the sounds of cars from Highway One a few miles away, this is as isolated as you can get.  
Rusty likes the splashing around. I read my Kindle perched against the branches of a buttonwood tree.

 Miles and miles of nothing.
 The road remains above water - so far.

But around my home signs of the supermoon high tide were visible in the street the morning afterand I find the invasion of salt water rather scary:

Where Crocs should be less necessary.
I wonder what the future will bring. A frequent thought I am having these days.