Monday, January 30, 2017


I got home yesterday morning and it was raining so hard  Rusty agreed it was going to be a no walk morning. He chewed my arm by way of compensation and followed me to bed.
By the time I got up  around lunch time it was still raining and the temperature was hovering around 61 degrees. I hate talking about temperatures in the Keys as in winter everyone thinks 61 is warm and they only understand how cold it feels when they are here on vacation and accidentally live through a cold front.
It is damp and when the wind blows it is cold. Even if 61 would be a warm Spring day where you live around here it is cold.It just is, take my word for it. Or throw out your winter wardrobe then go outside in shorts and sandals. That's Keys life in winter.
The funny thing is  most people enjoy the change and I count myself among them. On a couple of conditions, firstly that the weather doesn't last too long, a couple of days at most, and that it not get too damned cold. So far things look on track to satisfy my requirements.
I decided against riding the Bonneville to work not least because I don't like to get wet feet and hands on my way and have to sit around in an air conditioned dispatch center all night with damp extremities. Besides which I have no desire to ride in these brisk temperatures. 
The drive into town  was so slow and so dreary as I was at the back of a long line of very slow moving cars- 38 in a 55 is not acceptable no matter whose island time you are on-  so of course I started wishing I was on the Bonneville so I could take on a few cars at a time and work my way to the front of the line. Most people have no idea how to pass a slow car on a  two lane road so if you are stuck 20 cars back there you stay. Unless you are on a  motorcycle...
So I listened to the radio and pulled over in a  stupor of boredom as I got into Big Coppitt. I had time enough I figured to take a few pictures and then hop back on the highway and get to work in plenty of time. And so it was.
Looking at the boats scattered round the bay south of Highway One I was glad not to sitting out there listening to the rain all day. Even if I did have to sit up all night listening to 911 calls and police radio seemed like a fair exchange of labor for a snug berth ashore. 
A five minute stop put the slowpoke out of sight and it was  a steady drone into Key West from Big Coppitt. I arrived dry and in plenty of time.
Think about that. I left my dry weatherproof home in my weatherproof car and arrived at my weatherproof work...and I missed riding my motorcycle. I would really suck at living where they have proper seasons.