Saturday, November 25, 2017


The day before Thanksgiving enjoying some greenery in the city of Key West.
 The airport as seem from across the Salt Ponds at the Hawk Missile site.
 I stood on the berm built in the Cuban Missile Crisis era to protect US Hawk Missile installations.
 A couple were out enjoying the sun and the (relatively) cool breeze.
 It is a mildly mysterious place worth exploring.
 Hawk Missile installations:
 Salt Pond condos at the eastern end of the island:
 A friend remarked this view does not look like Key West, the city:

 Joe Cool chasing chimeras in the bushes,. 
 He had a grand time, and these days he no longer feels compelled to kill iguanas. 
We take care of his dietary needs now. No more stray dog hunting for Rusty.