Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gecko Lane

I borrowed my wife's Vespa ET4 while she was vacationing recently in Nicaragua. I always enjoy getting back in the saddle of her 150cc scooter, the perfect urban ride: Looking into the alley from Eaton Street it's obvious the lane isn't that big:This sort of jumble of machines usually indicates a guest house with bikes to rent, but it could just be one of the usual multiple dwelling arrangements so common in Key West...
Gecko Lane has the usual mixture of homes, nicely maintained in this case:
With splendid solar water heating panels on the roof in this case:And tall enough to see out over the rooftops:
There is of course plenty of greenery to be found, rampant vines: This purple thing. Is it any surprise I have no clue what it might be called?
And a canopy of wide bright green leaves that captivated me.
I did manage to spot some artwork in this narrow lane, including these Polynesian looking columns supported by some rather crude turquoise ropes:A red door with an attractive peep hole popped into the middle:And a cast iron dragon, Sui Generis I hope, supporting a carriage lantern:
This closing shot, looking back down the lane toward Eaton Street highlights my favorite colors, white green and blue in this case with a few splashes of orange from the fading flame tree.Another aspect of summer in the Keys, still air and vibrant colors.